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American Legion

Jeremy E. Ray Post 324

Jersey Village, TX

January 9, 2022

Regular Meeting – Minutes


Commander Stefanie Otto called the meeting to order at 1600 hours.  There were 8 officers present:

            Commander Stefanie Otto

            Vice Commander David Pyke

            Finance Officer Jimmy Baughman

            Adjutant Larry Dick

            Service Officer Bill Brown

            Sgt-At-Arms Wayne Huebner

            Chaplin Richard Ater

            Historian Robert Howard


And 8 other members for a total of 16 members and 2 visitors in attendance.  A quorum was met and the meeting continued.



            Adjutant Larry Dick read the minutes from the December meeting.  David Pyke made a motion to accept the minutes and it was seconded by Ted Lukeman.  Motion passed and was approved by membership.


Finance Report:

            Finance Officer Jimmy Baughman reported that the available funds of Post 324 were 13,688.16 as of January 1, 2022.  Motion to accept the finance report pending further audit was made by Robert Howard and seconded by Donna McCarty.  Motion passed and was approved by membership.


Commander Otto introduced visitors John Young – Army transferring to Post 324 and Edmund Demerey – Marines



            1st Vice David Pyke discussed items from the recent DEC.  District convention will be in April 9th at Parker Rd.

Oratorical Contest was January 8th we had one student

            Service Officer Bill Brown worked 6 hours at Wreaths Across America.  He also assisted one veteran inquiry about disability claim.  Joined Phillips 66 Network to unload wreaths at Houston Cemetery. Motion to reimburse Bill was made by Wayne and seconded by Donna and motion passed.


Old Business

            Chaplin Ater received a call from a woman in Washington state that her husband passed and was binging buried at Houston Cemetery and Chaplin helped with the service.  


New Business

            DEC Convention on April 9th $20 for entry.  They are creating a Blue Book to have advertising.  This is to raise money for the district. Commander asked to buy a full-page advertisement and Bill Brown motion to accept and Wayne Huebner seconded the motion.  Motion was passed and approved by membership.

District is wanting each post to gift something for the convention.

            DEC meetings for 2022 are currently scheduled for March 1 and August 2 at VFW 8905.

            February we will be taking nominations for Officer positions

            March we will have elections

            April we will have installs

For 2022 Commander would like to have 1st Quarter Camp Hope, 2nd Quarter Grace After Fire.

            We need to have someone step up and take over Boys State/Girls State and Oratorical from Wayne Huebner.  Bill Brown and Donna McCarty both mention to look into what they might be able to do.


Good of the Legion

            Donna McCarty mention about where she works and offers to have members see if it would be helpful, contact Donna.

            Wayne Huebner mention the Ginger Smith who works for the Jersey Village FD and drove the vehicle for the Veteran’s Day Parade and had a thank you card for letting her be involved.   



            There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 1700 hours. Our next scheduled meeting will be on Sunday, February 13th at 1600 hours (4pm) at VFW 8905, HWY 290 next to Carl’s BBQ.


Respectfully Submitted:

Larry Dick


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