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American Legion

Jeremy E. Ray Post 324

Jersey Village, TX

October 8th, 2023

Regular Meeting – Minutes


Commander Stefanie Otto called the meeting to order at 1600 hours.  There were 9 officers present:

            Commander Stefanie Otto

            1st Vice Commander David Pyke

            2nd Vice Commander   Open

            Service Officer – Bill Brown

            Adjutant Terry Coon

            Finance Officer Michael LaRose

            Sgt-at-Arms Wayne Huebner

            Chaplin Richard Ater 

            Judge Advocate Trey Pryor

            Historian Robert Howard


            And 13 other members and 2 visitors for a total of 25 were present.  A quorum was met, and the meeting continued.




            Adjutant Terry Coon requested a motion to forgo reading the minutes from the last meeting by distribution of minutes via email to all members.  Bill Brown motioned to accept the minutes and it was seconded by Jerry Roberts.  Motion was then passed by membership.


Finance Report:

            Finance Officer:  Michael LaRose reported that the available funds of Post 324 were $8,542.31 as of 09/10/2023 (not including the $500.00 set aside for Veterans in need and $57.00 restricted funds for Women’s Auxiliary.)  Motion to accept finance report pending further audit was made by David Pyke and seconded by Bill Brown. The motion passed by membership.



            1st Vice: Nothing to report.


Service Officer:

  • Thank you, Ken George for the feedback on the PAC act help.  It is great to hear how I can help.
  • I have flyers for an Urgent Care provider where I went when I contracted Covid.  I learned that this provider and others are approved under your Veterans Medical without having to call the VA for approval first.  They can also give you up to 14 days of a prescription that is covered by the VA.
  • Extended ID’s that have expired by Brance of Service can be renewed with the RAPID system online.  Mike Larose added that if greater than 65 days you are required to enroll in Medicare part A and B.  Ellington field has an in person office for appointments to renew your id.


Sgt of Arms:  Nothing to report.


Judge Adjutant:  Nothing to report.


Historian: Nothing to report.


Chaplin:  Nothing to report.



New Members:    New member Willie Washington from Marine Corp.


Old Business

  1. Veteran’s Day Parade on Saturday November 11th.  We can meet up at 8am at the Champion Forest Baptist Church along 290 and car pool down to Kroger at 1440 Studemont Street.  You can also meet us at Kroger by 9am to ride in the truck at 9:30am to parade staging.  Waiting for a response from the city on the ability to throw candy or trinkets. Wear any one of your Red, White, or Blue shirts and your cover.  Bill Brown requested an instruction sheet with a map for meeting up with the Scouts who will be walking with the truck.  There is dinner at Chilies on 290 after the parade.
  2. Stocking Santa items needed see Irene Infante.  Irene requested label data to print   place on stockings.  Terry Coon will provide.
  3. Membership goal progress is at 59% with a next mark to hit 75% by end of November.
  4. The T-shirts are in so please see me (Commander) to get what you ordered.
  5. D.E.C. is on October 21st in Tomball TX VFW at 11408 Alice Drive.  Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.


New Business

  1. Officer of the quarter is being presented on Monday October 23rd at the Jersey Village Council meeting at 7pm.  Wayne added that one is picked from the Jersey Village Police Department each quarter.
  2. Oratorical data has been sent to Speech/Debate Teachers for Freshmen to Senior students.  Irene Infante added that she would like to visit 5 schools to help if you pass on the information.  She can do this before the end of the month.  Wayne will help the lead, Jimmy Baughman and Robert Howard accomplish the event.  Offer this to the Scouting troops we charter.


Good of the Legion:

  1. Commander: The Navy’s Birthday is October 13th.  October 23rd is officer of the quarter.  November 5th is Day Light Savings end.  November 7th is election day so get out and vote.  November 10th is the Marine Corp birthday. November 11th is Veterans Day.
  2. The December 12th meeting will be at a Restaurant for lunch with Family unless someone has a better idea such as potluck.  Bill Brown presented an idea to cater from Carl’s BBQ.  A group of us will have dinner there after November’s meeting to check it out.
  3. Due date for Blued Santa is December 12th but will check with HPD if they need more toys.
  4. 4th quarter in VA hospital they need t-shirts and socks.
  5. Dollar General may offer a Veteran’s Discount.  Check for places that offer discounts for the toys.  Don’t forget the preteen group.
  6. Irene Infante will have a pillow sewing session on October 28th at St. Jerome.
  7. Bill Brown spoke to the request from the Scouts for an event/project for a year.  This should be something we could work with them on or organize.
    1. Lawn Mowing
    2. Clean up walkways in Jersey Village (must be troops in Jersey Village) 1290, 426 and 1150.
    3. Please send ideas to Bill Brown
  8. Wayne Huebner added Urgent Care for VA and Pharmacy access that calling and checking with the location before going.
  9. Trey Pryor spoke on the bus trip to Rosenburg when 5 post members and 15 church members went for a very enjoyable time.  December 2dn is Shopping and tour of Brookwood then lunch in Katy at Midway BBQ.  After dark we will go to the Pecan Grove light display.  In January the 26th will be a trip to Huntsville for the Veteran’s Museum which has the smaller Vietnam Wall exhibit.  More to come in March and May.



            There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 1658 hours. Our next scheduled meeting will be on Sunday, November 12th at 1600 hours (4pm) at VFW 8905, HWY 290 next to Carl’s BBQ.



Respectfully Submitted:

Terry Coon, Adjutant

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