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American Legion

Jeremy E. Ray Post 324

Jersey Village, TX

September 13, 2020

Regular Meeting - Minutes


Commander Stefanie Otto called the teleconference meeting to order at 1600 hours.  There were 9 officers present:

            Commander Stefanie Otto

            Vice Commander David Pyke    

            Finance Officer Jimmy Baughman

            Adjutant Larry Dick

            Chaplin John Link

            Service Officer Bob Riley

            Judge Advocate Trey Pryor

            Sgt-at- Arms Wayne Huebner

            Historian Robert Howard


and 8 other members for a total of 17 in attendance.  A quorum was met and the meeting continued.



            Adjutant Larry Dick read the minutes from August meeting.  David Pyke made a motion to accept the minutes and it was seconded by Wayne Huebner.  Motion passed and was approved by membership


Finance Report:

            Finance Officer Jimmy Baughman reported that the available funds of Post 324 were $16,574.79 as of September 13, 2020.  Motion to accept finance report pending further audit was made by Tom Zahn and seconded by David Pyke.  Motion passed and was approved by membership.


Committee Reports:

First Vice David Pyke discussed District 8 meeting and we were informed that the next District meeting will be October 6 at Post 560 and it will be in-person meeting. It was also reported that donations were taken for the Hurricane Laura.


Commander’s Report:     

            Commander Otto introduced two new members that were transferred from Post 345.  William Brown, Air Force and Richard Grahn, Air Force.  

            Tomball VA Clinic is open but you must call and make an appointment


Unfinished Business

            Wayne Huebner discussed Oratorical Contest for January 9, 2021 and it will be in-person.


New Business

            VFW has informed us that we are not to refer to where the alcohol is located as ‘The Bar’.  Please use the term ‘Canteen’.

            Also, Commander Otto will be purchasing $500 in items to be taken to the VA.


Sick Call:

Sick call remains as last month but, Commander Otto reported that Curtis Haverty no longer has Covid-19 and to remove Curtis and Howard Mead.


Good of the Legion:




            There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 1700 hours. Our next scheduled meeting will be on Sunday, October 11th  at 1600 hours and it will be in-person at the VFW 8905. 


Respectfully Submitted:

Larry Dick


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