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American Legion

Jeremy E. Ray Post 324

Jersey Village, TX


February 12th, 2023

Regular Meeting – Minutes


Commander Stefanie Otto called the meeting to order at 1600 hours.  There were 9 officers present:

            Commander Stefanie Otto

            1st Vice Commander David Pyke

            2nd Vice Commander   Bill Brown - Absent

            Service Officer Bill Brown - Absent

            Adjutant Larry Dick

            Finance Officer Jimmy Baughman – Absent – Mike Larose training

            Sgt-at-Arms Wayne Huebner

            Chaplin Richard Ater       

            Judge Advocate Trey Pryor

            Historian Robert Howard


            And 8 other members and 2 visitors for a total of 18 present.  A quorum was met and the meeting continued.



            Adjutant Larry Dick read the minutes from the January meeting.  David Pyke motioned to accept the minutes and it was seconded by Robert Howard.  Motion passed and was approved by membership.


Finance Report:

            Finance Officer: Jimmy Baughman reported that the available funds of Post 324 were $8,381.35 as of 02/01/2023.  Motion to accept finance report pending further audit was made by Jerry Rogers and seconded by Paul Grabert.  Motion passed and was approved by membership.


Commanders Report:

            Commander introduced new members– Irene Infanta – Army and Catherine Mondy-Boyce Army (Auxiliary)

            Sick Call – Same as prior plus John Links former Chaplin.

                        Chaplin reminder – Phone call away, visitor or appointment for those in need of comfort and prayer.



            1st Vice David Pyke: discussed press release contact of Tamala Flynn, president of TX Alpha press releases for AM.

            2nd Vice Bill Brown: absent.

            Service Officer Bill Brown:  absent

            Judge Advocate Trey Pryor: Our By-Laws have been updated and with approved changes will be submitted.  JA Trey Pryor Motion to accept and seconded by Stefanie Otto.  Motion passed.

            Historian Robert Howard: Reported on his use of our submitted stories in his yet to be published book. The Publishers have agreed on what has submitted.  He reminded us to submit our stories so that those memories can be passed on.


Old Business


  1. Boy’s State is June 11 through June 16.  Our post will be hosting the Orientation which will be on June 3 from 10 to 12 in the big hall. Members can come to listen.  If you know someone Junior going into Senior.  Now have more than 6.  Reach out to Commander or Wayne Huebner.
  2. The Spring Convention will be on April 1st; From 9 am to 4 pm and cost $20 per person which is paid by the post here in the big hall.  A Souvenir Program is being printed and discussion that the Post purchase a full-page ad for $100 by March 5th.
    1. Discussion occurred
    2. Motion submitted by Jerry Rogers
    3. Seconded by David Pyke
    4. Motion passed by vote unanimously.


  1. Reminder that raffles tickets are $10 each and we are trying to sell a thousand tickets to help us with finances.  We will be selling from the rest of January through May and select the ticket on Memorial Day. Tickets need the ledgeable name and phone number. 


New Business:

  1. Nominations for Post officers took place:


  • Commander: Stefanie Otto
  • Adjutant: Terry Coon
  • Finance Officer: Mike Larose
  • 1st Vice Commander: David Pyke
  • 2nd Vice Commander:   Bill Brown current – tabled
  • Chaplin: Richard Ater
  • Sgt-at-Arms: Wayne Huebner
  • Service Officer:  Bill Brown
  • Historian: Robert Howard
  • Judge Advocate: Trey Prior
  • 2 alternates for the Executive Committee:  Bob Riley.  Second alternate OPEN.


Elections will take place in March.  Further nominations can be submitted for all positions.

Induction will take place April.  


  1. Bibles:  New Bible in Protestant and Catholic religion available to give to member family when you die.


Good of the Legion:

  1. Irene Infanta: East Wood High School Sewing for Veteran’s needs: In need of polyfoil for bags and telemonitor and cardio care at the VA.
  2. Catherine Mondy-Boyce:  Has Valentine’s made by Heights High School students.  After meeting and want group photo to take to students.
  3. Camp Hope is our 1st Quarter Charity with website has the list including Walmart gift cards.  2nd quarter charity is Grace After Fire with good business clothing and Walmart gift cards.   3rd quarter charity needs to be determined. 4th quarter is VA and Blue Santa.
  4. Catherine Mondy-Boyce: March 13th is Canine Service Day.  Small bags of dog food and dog treats needed for Veterans.  Commander will receive and distribute information to members.




            There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 1649 hours. Our next scheduled meeting will be on Sunday, March 12th at 1600 hours (4 pm) at VFW 8905, HWY 290 next to Carl’s BBQ.


Respectfully Submitted:

Larry Dick


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