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American Legion Post 324

Jersey Village, TX



January 14, 2018


Regular Meeting


Commander Otto called the meeting to order at 16:00. Other Officers present were (8) and (11) other members for a total of 19 members and 1 guest.  There was a quorum and the meeting continued.



            Adjutant Dick read the minutes from the December meeting.  David Pyke motioned to accept the minutes and it was seconded by Charles Pittman.  Motion passed and was approved by membership.


Finance Report:

Finance Officer Jimmy Baughman read the finance report and it was reported that our total available funds as of January 14th is $12,583.71.  Motion was made by David Pyke to accept the finance report until further audit. Motion was seconded by Ron Lance.  Motion passed and was approved by membership.


Committee Report:

            1st Vice Commander Pyke reported on the Executive Committee meeting held on the 9th.

            2nd Vice Commander McCarty discussed the Salute to Our Hero’s coming up on February 3rd.

            Sergeant – At – Arms Huebner reported on the upcoming Oratorical Contests.

            Curtis Haverty discussed the 5K.  Gave out flyers and ask folks to help with getting sponsors and we are being supported by Camp Hope.  He also motioned for $635.81 be refunded to the vendor pertaining to 2 tents from Jersey Village Fire Department.  Motion was seconded by Wayne Huebner, passed and was approved.

            Jimmy will be ordering medals for this years JROTC



Sick Call

Tom Zahn

Larry Keil

Ron Lance


Commanders Report:

Commander reported this Monday the 15th is the Officer of the Quarter and Year at JV City Hall




Unfinished Business:

            Jimmy Baughman discussed putting the building funds back in the general operating fund.  Ron Lance motioned and Robert Howard seconded the motion and it passed as was approved by membership.

            David Pyke motioned to donate $250 to the Houston Rodeo as we did last year.  Paul Grabert seconded at it passed and was approved by the membership.


Good of the Legion

Jimmy Baughman discussed the Sigmund Fund and motioned to donate $25 for each member that died in the last two years (total 11) in honor of their service.  David Pyke seconded, motion passed and was approved.


New Business

Commander Otto reported we would be taking nominations for officer positions in March with elections in April.



There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 17:00. The next meeting will be February 11, 2018 at 16:00.



Respectfully Submitted:



Larry Dick



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