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American Legion

Jeremy E. Ray Post 324

Jersey Village, TX

November 13, 2022

Regular Meeting – Minutes


Commander Stefanie Otto called the meeting to order at 1600 hours.  There were 7 officers present:

            Commander Stefanie Otto

            1st Vice Commander David Pyke - absent

            2nd Vice Commander   Bill Brown

            Service Officer Bill Brown

            Adjutant Larry Dick

            Finance Officer Jimmy Baughman - absent

            Sgt-at-Arms Wayne Huebner

            Chaplin Richard Ater       

            Judge Advocate Trey Pryor - absent

            Historian Robert Howard


            And 20 other members for a total of 26 present.  A quorum was met and the meeting continued.



            Adjutant Larry Dick read the minutes from the November 13 meeting.  Bill Brown motioned to accept the minutes and was seconded by Robert Howard.  Motion passed and was approved by membership.


Finance Report:

            Finance Officer in training Mike Larose reported that the available funds of Post 324 were $8,302.95 as of October 1, 2022.  Motion to accept finance report pending further audit was made by Bill Brown and seconded by Ted Lukeman.  Motion passed and was approved by membership.


Commanders Report:

            Commander introduced new members; Vincent Donnelly – Air Force and Cornelius Blackshear - Army



2nd Vice Bill Brown commented on the Post’s Color Guard at the Phillips 66 Veteran Event.  And 9 members went downtown and were in the Veterans Day Parade. Bill also discussed Boy Scouts and the three Packs that are at risk and they are Pack 3, 421 and 1296.  Bill moved that Post 324 approve charting Packs 3, 421 and 1296 and the authority to go forward if needed. Terry Coon seconded the motion and was approved by membership.


Old Business

            Commander Otto noted:

            4th Quarter Charity is the VA Hospital

            Boys State will be on June 11-16 in 2023.

            Post 324 will be collection unwrapped toys for Blue Santa, this year.  


New Business:

            We will be having a fundraiser from January to 29th May. We will sell tickets.

            The December meeting will be at the Backyard Grill family dinner.


Good of the Legion:

            Wreath Across America – December 17th.



            There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 1700 hours. Our next scheduled meeting will be on Sunday, December 11th

1600 hours (4pm) at Backyard Grill.


Respectfully Submitted:

Larry Dick


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